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Before I started my law firm, I read various books. I was looking for something that could offer some guidance in the process of hanging out my own “shingle”.  Problem is, I didn’t just want a shingle, I needed a whole roof! And the means to build it.  None of the books I read offered any guidance on how to set up from scratch.

What’s worse, there seemed to be a hole in the market for such books.  Additionally, none of the books talked about the mindset you need to have as a business owner – yes, business owner.

News flash! A law firm is just like any business and a business is supposed to make money to support its owner and his/her family.  So, why should you read Lawyer Up!?

Particularly recommended for law students, law school graduates, associates and everyone in the legal industry who has ever considered firing their bosses!

Invest & Grow!

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Lawyer Up! will save you time by cutting through the BS out there on how to start your own law firm.  I can’t tell you how much time I spent combing through other books, creating systems that did not work, attending legal/technical education with nothing to show for it.  By reading this book, you will get to your destination faster by putting my experiences to work for you.


I cannot tell how frustrating it was to set up my law firm only to find that I picked the wrong entity structure, or that I spent so much time from my family putting blood, sweat and tears into my own firm only to find out that I didn’t have proper foundation.  By reading this book, you won’t get gray hairs like I did. (psst! When you see me, ask me and I will show you those gray hairs).


Remember Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz? Wouldn’t life be grand if we all had a map that said, “You are here” and a whole bunch of follow-the-dots to a spot marked, “This is your destination”? Viola! Lawyer Up! is the map you have been looking for. It is chock full of practical advice, action items, and simple truths that will help you finalize your plans for opening up a business.

Lawyer Up! shows you how to escape the rat race right now >>


As a new business owner, money is tight and may even be acting funny.  You need a guide to help you!  This book will save you money because for a tiny fraction of the cost, you will get an MBA on how to run your business.


Lawyer Up! starts off with a mindset map. After reading this book, and taking the Entrepreneurial Mindset test, you will KNOW for sure, if you are ready to be the proud owner of your own business.

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