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Before I started my law firm, I read various books. I was looking for something that could offer some guidance in the process of hanging out my own “shingle”.  Problem is, I didn’t just want a shingle, I needed a whole roof! And the means to build it.  None of the books I read offered any guidance on how to set up from scratch.

What’s worse, there seemed to be a hole in the market for such books.  Additionally, none of the books talked about the mindset you need to have as a business owner – yes, business owner.

News flash! A law firm is just like any business and a business is supposed to make money to support its owner and his/her family.  So, why should you read Lawyer Up!?

Particularly recommended for law students, law school graduates, associates and everyone in the legal industry who has ever considered firing their bosses!

Augusta Massey, Esq.

Attorney, Author

Augusta Massey is a successful lawyer practicing in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. She is an author, lawyer, mediator and a mother. 



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Lawyer Up! shows you how to escape the rat race right now »  For $14.95.