A day in the life of a bankruptcy attorney

Today, I sat across from a gentleman in his sixties. Let’s call him Bill.

He came in for a free consultation regarding filing a petition for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. He had the saddest blue eyes and fine gray hairs and you could just tell he was anxious… and perhaps depressed.

As I sat across from him, he pelted me with one question after another about his particular situation and I listened intently and took notes. However, I could see he was struggling with his decision.

So as a bankruptcy lawyer, I finally asked him, “Why do you think you need to file for bankruptcy?” He paused a moment, then lifted his sad blues eyes to look up at me. Voice breaking he said, “I just can’t take it anymore. I’ve tried to do the right thing but nobody will work with me. I look into my future and I don’t see how this could get any better. I will be 66 next month and I sacrificed for this country. I am not asking for a handout, I just need a break. Can I start over?”

Then his voice broke down completely and I had to give him a moment.

As a bankruptcy attorney, who spends most of her time with Chapter 7 liquidation clients, I see this often. My clients generally comprise of hard working men and women who want to totally do the right thing.

They’ve worked hard their entire lives and in their golden years, sickness, or death, or a catastrophic event robs them of their hard earned money. Or they have small children or massive student loans. Or they got hit with the economic recession. Or they tried to send their adult kids off to college.

Whatever the situation, the reason they come into my office is the same: they need a fresh start. A do-over. And I love helping them. I told Bill I enjoyed helping my clients.

Then Bill asked me an interesting question, “Why… Why bankruptcy?”

I told Bill this story…

I fell in love with America from a very young age and knew I always wanted to live here. At the first opportunity, I packed my bags and came over. However, as I got older, I realized that this beautiful land of opportunity was filled with so many traps that could send you to the poor house.

Some of us make bad choices. Some of us are victims of the system. And we just need a fresh start. A chance to make everything right and implement the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Sure, there are folks who abuse the system, but for the most part, I as a bankruptcy attorney work with honest-to-goodness hardworking men and women who life sometimes gives a raw deal. I am happy to be part of their second-chance success story. And that’s why I love what I do.

If you need a second chance, an opportunity at a do-over, or your fresh start, please give me a call. I would love to offer you a free 15 minute consultation to determine if bankruptcy is right for you.
Augusta Massey, Esq.