5 Secrets I Wish I Knew About Crowdfunding Campaign

I just ran a crowdfunding campaign for my book, LAWYER UP! HOW TO BE THE BOSS AT YOUR OWN LAW FIRM, using the Publishizer platform.

I ran my campaign for only 15 days and set a goal of $2,500. At the end of my campaign, I raised $1,570, had 40 preorders, and reached 62% of my goal. I am elated! And full of gratitude to my wonderful family and friends who stepped up to help me in a very big way.

After the campaign, I got some calls and emails regarding how crowdfunding campaign works. So, I decided to write this little article on the 5 things I learned about crowdfunding.

Campaign Before The Crowdfunding Campaign

Before the start of your crowd funding campaign or CFC, start creating buzz around your book, product or service. Solicit feedback from family and friends. Post images and other items on your social media account. And let everyone know early that you will be asking for financial support. Do it nicely but firmly.

Make It Easy

Make the process of donation as easy as possible. Your crowdfunding donations needs to be convenient, fast and easily accessible on any device.  There should be no more than 3 steps to donate and the entire process should take 60 seconds or less. Ideally, you should have a platform that goes straight to the point and asks for the credit/debit card information, billing address, email and amount. Choose a site with no frills and no fuss. Also, test out your CFC page by putting yourself in the shoes of your possible donor. Just because it is easy for you to use, does not mean it may be easy for the next person. Provide a road map when you send your CFC link to family and friends, give them an “off ramp” as author Daniel Pink describes in his book, To Sell is Human, and choose a reasonable amount that will not be too daunting. Hey! If you exceed your goal, you can always pat yourself on the back.

Seek Feedback Early

For my crowdfunding campaign, I had hoped to reach my goal by the end of the first week. This wasn’t just wishful thinking. I saw the amount of traffic I was getting to my CFC website but it was not converting to donations and I did not know why.  After the first week, I started to panic but I still did not know what to do.  When I shared my concern with my mom (thank God for mothers!), she clued me in that she was having problems with the website as well as multiple people she had sent the link to.  This was news to me! Had I solicited feedback early on, I would have supplied instructions on how to use the website or found a way to make it easier to use.

Market Like Crazy

Marketing sounds like such a dirty word, but it isn’t, it shouldn’t be. Make it fun. Use stories, pictures, and images. Send more updates and connect with your audience. Share interesting details that family and friends may not know about you. And if they do, heck, find a way to make it interesting.  People really do want to support you and want to know the progress of your CFC efforts.  By sharing updates, you continue to create buzz and interest.

Redefine Success

Lastly, remember that you may not reach your financial goal, but success has many forms.  The fact that you get to connect with family and friends, and gain new friends and exposure, is great! Be open to other opportunities as well.  For example, I had a friend donate his book to a deserving law student who receives a scholarship from my foundation.  I had another friend organize a book signing event for me and many other opportunities. But besides the financial support, which reduced my publishing expenses significantly, I experienced giving like never before, and was constantly in a state of gratitude for two weeks. I also continue to receive requests to donate which has led me to open up another avenue for giving here »

I hope this article helps you. If you are trying to get set up a crowdfunding campaign. I would love to connect with you if you have any questions and will gladly share my interesting experience on crowdfunding campaign with you. Connect with me »

See you at the tippy top!

Augusta Massey, Esq.